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5 Things Every NewlyWed's Home Needs

By The NewlyWed Box Team on Oct 19, 2018 10:56:24 AM

Creating your home as a newlywed couple can be an exciting and perhaps stressful experience. Your place should be special and homey to the both of you no matter if it’s a tiny apartment or a house with a yard. Here are 5 things that will turn wherever you live into that special, wonderful place you call home.

A Dish Set


They don’t have to be a expensive, but having your first complete dish set helps to establish your maturity as a couple. This set will help create a cozy environment for both you and any guests that visit. Plus, setting the table for dinner parties and get togethers is the epitome of #adulting.



Let your home be yours’ and express who you are as couple. Allow both of your personalities to be shown throughout the home or at least choose rooms in which both of you have a say.  

Pictures of You


Had a rough day? Imagine how uplifting and joyful it will be to come and see pics of you and your partner your sanctuary.. Pictures from when you were dating and your wedding will help remind you of the wonderful journey you are on and from where you started.

A Mattress You Love


There are so many reasons a perfect mattress is needed. We spend one third of our lives sleeping. A good night's sleep helps to reduce stress, which will ultimately reduce tension in your marriage. Also, you want the best mattress for any recreational activities you might do in your bed ;)

A Tool Kit


Tool kits are one of those items you don’t realize you need until you’re staring a leaky faucet or you’re trying to hang a picture from your wedding day. It’s probably not something you’ll use on a daily basis, but when you’re in a tight spot and need a screwdriver or a drill, you’ll be glad you thought ahead and have one on hand.

The majority of your first experiences as a NewlyWed couple will happen in the home you have created together. No matter what your home looks like, your marriage is about the two of you and the love you have for each other. So enjoy creating new memories together in your space!


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