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6 Phrases More Important Than, "I Love You."

By John Daum on Jun 13, 2018 12:42:50 PM

Can you remember the first time you told your spouse I love you? Were you nervous? Did you wonder if you would get an I love you back? I love you is a powerful phrase but there are other phrases that might be even be more important in your marriage.

These six phrases might be just as important as I love you but don’t get nearly as much attention. (Besides, I love you can get overused and become a cliche. Sure, we love our partner, but we also love chocolate and college football.) These six phrases are powerful because they have I love you embedded inside them, but also say other vital things for your marriage.

“Thank you.”

Easily overlooked in our marriage because we often kinda expect each other to do their fair share and contribute to getting things done.

“I miss you.”

This phrase communicates that when we are apart, I am thinking of you and wish you were here. Your absence creates a you-sized hole in my life.

“I’m sorry.”

The fact that it is often so much harder to say I’m sorry than to say I love you proves that it comes from some place deeper and represents something more profound.

“Will you forgive me?”

Will you forgive me recognizes the significance of the person wronged and their absolute power to impart mercy and restoration in the relationship.

“I’m proud of you.”

Maybe this is a guy thing, but I would rather hear this from my wife any day over another I love you.

“I like you.”

Virtue calls on us to love our enemies, but not to like them. We are supposed to love our spouses, that’s why I like you is so meaningful. Try this out on your spouse sometime- get their full attention, look deeply into their eyes, and tell them, “I. Really. Like. You.” I guarantee it gets a better reaction than another I love you.

Keep saying I love you, but don’t forget these other phrases that say I love you and so much more.

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Author: John Daum

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