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The Duartes: Communication Box

By Ana Duarte on 10 May 2018


Happy Wedding Wednesday friends! This wedding related post is special to me because Michael is apart of it! I love whenever I get to include him in my work! He is always behind the camera, so it’s a good change to have him in front the camera. Today I am talking all about the Newlywed Box!

the newlywed box

the newlywed box review


the newlywed box april 2018


the newlywed box


ana duarte reviewing the the newlywed box


ana duarte and her fiance playing the newlywed game

Y’all know I love subscription boxes, and I love them, even more, when they involve anything wedding related. I love that this box is catered to both individuals in the marriage. I’ve had previous subscription boxes that only cater to me, so I was so happy to share this box with Michael. I love when we get to do activities together and I was so glad that this box came with so many unique activities!
The box came with a total of 4 activities! It came with finger traps that made us do finger trap challenges! We had to make slime and paper origami! I mean how awesome is that?! Our favorite was definitely making the slime, haha! We also were able to get artsy by listening to each other description of our dream house and drawing it out simply from our descriptions. I kind of freaked out when I saw the Newlywed game because I’ve secretly always wanted to play it! I love “quizzing” each other on ourselves.  Can y’all guess who won? The box also comes with some great advice, which is always a good thing in my book! I’m such a nerd so I really enjoy anything that comes in a booklet form!
All in all, we both really enjoyed the newlywed box! Like I said in the beginning, I love that this box gets to include both of us as a couple. I could even see this box for a date night in option. You have all of your activities for the night in one spot! There is a variety of different subscriptions you can sign up for. You can get a 1-month subscription box for $38.99, 3-month subscription for $34.99 per month, 6-month subscription for $29.99 per month, or a 12-month subscription for $27.99. This would be such a great option for a bridal shower gift or a wedding gift!
Thank you so much for stopping by! -xo Ana
**Thank you for The Newlywed Box for collaborating with me on this post.


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