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The Permauls: Understanding Your Spouse's Needs

By Jessica Anzai-Permaul on 24 August 2018

Another NewlyWed Box (NWB) for the win! This month’s box was all about your spouse’s needs and how to deal with change with one another. One of the highlights of the box was the plant kit that it came with! My husband and I are growing garden lettuce and rainbow chard, and everything was provided in the box:

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.23.28 AM

Other fun things in this box included a chalkboard to write compliments on, scalp massagers, and then multiple little booklets to encourage discussion on how each of us have changed. One example was the “What if we are we opposites?” quiz.


After figuring out we were almost complete opposites, we read through each description, which had tips on how to meet in the middle.

When is the last time you asked your spouse for help? When was the last time they asked YOU for help? It’s not only important to have you spouse see your needs, but it’s important to see theirs and be there for them. The box included cards to help out with that.


Dating is an ongoing theme with NWB, and for good reason. Dating is so important in keeping the relationship fresh! There’s a fun little poster in the box that you can fill out and hang up to remind each other to date!


Overall, this NWB was fun, insightful, and made my husband garden. That in itself is a win for me! 


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About Jeremy and Jessica:

Jeremy and Jessica met in a school cafeteria while studying abroad in Germany in 2013. After dating for two years, Jeremy asked her to marry him while they were in a hot air balloon watching a beautiful sunrise in Temecula, California. They got married in June 2017 on a pomegranate and lavender farm surrounded by family and friends. Since then, they live and work in Southern California and enjoy camping at the beach, eating cold pizza, dressing up their corgi-mix dog as a small child, and navigating the ups and downs of marriage.

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