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Why We Got The NewlyWed Box

By Caroline Shepard on Feb 14, 2019 10:57:16 AM

We read all the books. We talked to ALL the people in ALL the stages of marriage. We did premarital. We asked the questions, we sat through the classes, we did the whole “preparing for marriage” thing.

But in the weeks and months after we said “I do,” reality started to set in. He was still my best friend and I still loved him so dearly, I just didn’t mind it so much if he was out of town for a day, and I found myself wanting him to go have a guys night every once in a while… We’ve all been there, right?

It was around that time that I was talking with a friend of mine about newlywed life. She told me about this subscription box called The NewlyWed Box that helped her and her husband spark joy in their relationship again. I had to look into it! I mean, I felt like we were both pretty happy, so it wasn’t like we were getting the box as a plea for help or something. It just seemed FUN! And, if we took the time and effort to prepare for marriage, why wouldn’t we take the same care to preserve and nurture our marriage from the start?

So, we tried it! Actually, we only signed up for one month, because we were both a little hesitant at first. My husband was definitely doubtful it would be worth it.

But let me tell you, it is. Although a lot of the products you might be able to get on your own, the guides and booklets that go along with them are priceless. The box was full of a ton of activities and games for us to go through, and we did them all! We actually had to wait to do some of the activities until the next weekend because we didn’t have enough time to go through them, but I’d say that’s the opposite of a problem.

After that first box, we’ve subscribed to another 6 months and we can’t wait to see what’s in the next few boxes!

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