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15 Things All Newlyweds Need To Know

By Heather Henderson on Apr 2, 2019 1:48:00 PM

You've done the wedding planning, said "I do" and now it begins – the journey of a lifetime. Here is a list of 15 things ALL newlyweds need to know.

1. You'll Get Asked, "How's Married Life?" a Thousand Times.

You'll probably have a generated response after the first few times, and maybe an eye-roll to go along with it. Everyone's excited for you, but the same question time after time will definitely get annoying.


2. It's Normal to Have the Post-Wedding Blues.

You have spent MONTHS preparing for the best day of your life and suddenly the big day goes by and so does the amazing honeymoon... now what? You may feel a little empty for awhile until you get back into the groove of your new life and it's totally normal.


3. You'll Need Some New Goals to Compliment Your New Life.

Marriage is a game-changer and with that comes many new changes to your current lifestyle. Sit back and think of some personal goals for yourself and talk to your spouse too. What will your future look like together? How soon will you have kids? Set some short and long-term goals to stay on track and best manage your new life.


4. Did the Wedding Even Happen?

Speaking of this "new life" you've been introduced to... what if your relationship feels the same as before? You may feel like nothing has changed and that's absolutely normal... and maybe even a good thing! Marriage serves as a reinforcer between you and your spouse. You two are still the same couple after all, right?




5. Writing Thank You Notes Gets Tiring... and That's OK!

 It's ok to get tired of writing the tons and tons of thank you cards. You are so grateful for all your gifts and for those who took time out of their day to make the pair of you feel special, so why are you dreading coming home to the stack of blank cards? Split it up and write a few a day. Plus, adding a little personalization to each card can make it much easier.



6. Still Date Each Other. 

Yes, you're married and committed to one another for life... but you can and SHOULD still have date nights every now and then. Whether it is a fancy dinner under the stars or a Redbox movie with a giant bucket of popcorn–spending time together is key for a long-lasting and wholesome marriage.


7. Make a Plan For Your Finances. 

You're stuck together now... time for a joint-banking account. Have some courageous conversations with your spouse about debt, making a spending plan, and setting up a pension in order to make the most of your joined incomes and plan for future expenses together. 


8. ALWAYS Make Time For Each Other. 

Never take time alone with your spouse for granted. Get off your phone, turn off the television and simply spend time together. You need quality time together whether you realize it or not, so let your relationship flourish and grow by making time for each other – Every. Single. Day!


9. It's OK to Talk About S-E-X.

Day-to-day life can get hectic, but don't forget to give your love life the attention it deserves. Or maybe it's becoming too routine and neither of you are brave enough to admit it. Combat any issues from the start by communicating with one another about your sexual needs and don't let the passion die down as the years go by. 



10. Talk About Where You Will Spend the Holidays Ahead of Time.

You now have DOUBLE the family members who all want to spend the holidays with you. Don't wait until Christmas Eve to make a plan on how you will balance your time with everyone. Maybe it's switching up year to year, just make a plan that best suits the pair of you and don't wait until the last minute.


11. You Can Go to Bed Angry... Sometimes.

But isn't it the 'golden rule' of marriage to never go to bed angry? Yes, but maybe 1 a.m. isn't the best time for a full-blown argument either. You both love each other and conflict is going to come up from time to time. However, maybe just agree to disagree and revisit the disagreement later to avoid future problems.


12. Neither of You Will Be Perfect.

Time to let the realization set in... that pet-peeve of yours that your spouse does won't go away once you're married. Accept one another and all that comes with it.


13. Don't Stop Showing Your Affection for One Another. 

Keep the passion going and always show off your admiration for one another by holding hands, kissing and hugging. It can go a long way in keeping your intimacy strong for all the years to come.


14. Keep Saying "I Love You."

Tell your spouse that you love them, even when you don't like them. But also don't let it become so routine that you forget its meaning. It's so important to keep reminding one another of your appreciation.


15. You ALWAYS Have Each Other.

No matter what, it's you two facing the world. Your spouse should be your go-to, your person to lean on and your very best friend – so work hard at keeping your relationship alive and flourishing.  





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