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The Permauls: Handling Conflict in Marriage

By Jessica Anzai-Permaul on 16 October 2018

This month’s The Newlywed Box (NWB) was how to deal with conflict. This subject comes up a lot in our home, as my husband and I are always fighting about something. This box helped us press reset and gave us some reminders on the appropriate way to deal with disagreements. It also gave us some fun activities to do together.

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The Permauls: Understanding Your Spouse's Needs

By Jessica Anzai-Permaul on 24 August 2018

Another NewlyWed Box (NWB) for the win! This month’s box was all about your spouse’s needs and how to deal with change with one another. One of the highlights of the box was the plant kit that it came with! My husband and I are growing garden lettuce and rainbow chard, and everything was provided in the box:

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The Permauls: Money Honey Box

By Jessica Anzai-Permaul on 17 April 2018

The Newlywed Box for March was all about money—a topic that often comes up in arguments. This box had some financial-struggle story examples, date ideas, and other fun things to just bring up conversations about money in a fun and open way.

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The Permauls: Intimacy Box

By Jessica Anzai-Permaul on 06 April 2018

 The most recent Newlywed Box I received was all about intimacy (read about the previous one here). My husband and I had to flip a coin, and then one of us had to be the first to plan an intimate date for the other. The rest of the box gave date ideas, and even materials to help a date go along. There were candles, bath bombs (I love those!), an eye mask, lip balm, massage oil, and even a box full of pieces of paper, each one suggesting a different way to kiss your spouse! Some examples:1. Woodpecker kiss: short, quick kisses all over the f

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