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Creating intentionality in your marriage

By The NewlyWed Box Team on Mar 21, 2018 12:29:25 PM

Creating intentionality within your marriage:

Are you an introvert? Extrovert? Or an introverted-extrovert? Is your spouse like you, or are they different? Sounds like we have big things to think about here, people!

While they say opposites attract, that’s not always the case. (Unless we’re talking about magnets, but marriage is more fun, right?)

Whether you share the same personality type or have opposite personalities, you can still be a great match as long as you are aware of your partner’s type. Being mindful of when your spouse needs to be alone is crucial. While alone time is great for recharging your mind, make sure you also focus on alone time together. It’s easy to slip into a friendship state where you spend most of your time together, but with other people.

As a married couple, you want to harvest a sense of closeness and togetherness. Try taking one day a week where you spend time taking a walk, cooking together or even hitting the gym. Maybe even find a fun series you both like - then cuddle up and binge-watch together. Just taking time to be fully present with one another can help you create a quality sense of intimacy. It’s ok to skip folding the laundry for a day and play hooky with your spouse - just don’t let the laundry pile too high!

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