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How to create strong spousal support in your marriage

By The NewlyWed Box Team on Mar 21, 2018 12:50:09 PM

How to create strong spousal support in your marriage:

Did you know that your spouse is often your number one social supporter? Yes, your mom is high up there as a supporter, too, but it’s ok to expect the largest amount of support to come from your one and only.

What does “social support” mean to you? You can support each other in so many ways - whether it’s about a career or hobby. Or maybe it’s just by being an active listener when you need an ear.

More often than not, careers are a huge part of life. Discuss what you do for a living with each other. Create a sense of understanding and learn to care about what your spouse is passionate about, and vice versa. While it’s great to shut off and decompress from work, it’s equally important for the two of you to share what’s happening in your worlds when you aren’t together. Getting involved or being interested in each other’s hobbies can build that level of support for one another in your interests. While this may seem obvious, we often get wrapped up in our own self-interests and forget to engage with and encourage our spouse.

Aside from all that, did you know that you get at least five benefits of strong social support from your spouse? It’s true.

When married couples support each other well, the support:

  • Lowers each other’s stress levels.
  • Creates a strong couple bond.
  • Helps couples approach marital conflicts positively, and it allows them to work through conflict with less anger.
  • Helps to minimize arguments. (Yes, please!)
  • Increases happiness and sense of intimacy between couples. (We all want some of that!)

Although everyone has their own level of busy, the priority of supporting each other is one key to having a successful marriage. There is no “perfect marriage” and conflicts will arise, so why not take steps to work through the tough days before they happen? Ask your mate how you can support them well. Chances are, they’ll return the favor, and you’ll both reap the benefits.


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