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Preparing for marriage during the engagement process

By The NewlyWed Box Team on Mar 21, 2018 12:54:04 PM

Preparing for marriage during the engagement process

Congrats - you’re engaged! The dress, band, venue, cake, etc… so many options. You’re consumed and stressed by wedding planning - and your life and relationship may seem completely centered around your wedding. In the midst of all the crazy planning, these tips can help you enjoy your engagement and show love to your spouse-to-be.

  • Try to not let wedding talk consume your conversations. It’s hard to do when you constantly have a wedding checklist running through your head, so this one will require a little extra effort.
  • Have fun with your wedding registry! You don’t get to make a list of your top items and have others buy them for you every day, so enjoy it and laugh together while you point that magic registry wand at all your must-haves! 
  • Sign up for those marriage prep classes. No, this does not just mean you sit there and listen to someone tell you how to create the perfect marriage. Our favorite classes are fun and engaging, and you can register for them right here.
  • Save acting married for when you are. It’s so easy to start creating your married everyday routine, but save this for when you are husband and wife. Becoming one and sharing everything as a couple is a fun part of marriage to look forward to.
  • Finally, have those heart-to-heart conversations. Honesty is a huge part of marriage, so start practicing that now. Even if it’s as simple as saying you like a soft mattress instead of a firm one… or if you want a TV in the bedroom or not. These are actually big things!

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